Sunday, October 12, 2014

Everything Alvey! Exciting news from R.M. Ridley!

 In case you missed my first 'Everything Alvey' post, I am a beta reader for Ridley. I'm lucky enough to know just about everything he has planned before the general public...hence the 'Official Blogger' button for the White Dragon Black series. Not only does R.M. write amazing stories, he's one hell of a guy as well, one I'm proud to call a friend. On that note, here is some new info on the WDB series! I hope you enjoy! Congrats, R.M.!

My publisher Xchyler, just recently posted on their website about the upcoming anthology, 'Legends and Lore,' which will include my WDB short story 'Charon's Obol' and, with-in my bio, it states about my upcoming projects with them...L&L 'Bindings & Spines', the second novel, was no surprise to those who follow what's going on with the series, I'm quite sure, but it also mentions Blondes, Books, and Bourbon, a White Dragon Black short story anthology. This is something that sprung up out of now-where, in many ways, and interrupts the yearly schedule they had planned. When I brought up the original idea, everyone was very enthusiastic about it, and the X-team decided to make it fit in their already hectic publishing schedule, all the same. This is just one of the reasons I love my publisher so much, and there are many more. I am pleased to announce my editor will be McKenna Gardener, whom I worked with on 'Tomorrow Wendell' - so I know I'll be in good hands while I hone each story to perfection. The cover illustrator for 'Tomorrow Wendell', Luke Spooner of 'Carrion House' is also going to be tackling the art for this anthology, so I know it will be a visually striking as well. Tomorrow Wendell cover The plans, at this time, are for six previously unpublished short stories; one of which was written as a sort of lead-in to the next novel. The release date is set for April of 2015. 

And there ya have it! 
Wanna know anything about him? Any dirt? I'm sure i can come up with a way for him to spill some secrets.....or I may just spill some for him! Until next time......

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