Wednesday, November 12, 2014

**New Cover** for Poison Ivy: THE CASE OF THE INVISIBLE WITCH by Patrice Lyle!

Book Summary:

THE CASE OF THE INVISIBLE WITCH, is part of the Poison Ivy Charm School series. In THE CASE OF THE INVISIBLE WITCH, thirteen-year-old Tulip Bonnaire, Witch PI, runs Spells & Spies out of her dorm room at Poison Ivy Charm School, a school for polite witches and warlocks. She has only 72 hours to figure out her latest case, or her classmate, Missy, will never be seen again. Literally. When Missy shows up in Tulip’s dorm room around midnight, she’s invisible. As in not even x-ray vision could spot her. The mean triplets who call themselves The Belles have cast an invisibility spell on poor Missy. But if Tulip can’t break the spell in 72 hours, Missy will remain invisible forever. It’s a case Tulip can’t resist — between her mom’s annoying new boyfriend and her own secret crush at school, Tulip understands how much it stinks to feel invisible. Luckily for Tulip, her two best friends and her cute, techy guy friend help dig up clues on a case that turns out to be her freakiest one ever.
POISON IVY: The Case of the Washed Up Warklock will release in Fall 2015 through Leap Books.

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781616030346
  • Publisher: Leap Books, LLC
  • Publication date: 10/2/2013
  • Pages: 194


 Author Bio: 
Patrice Lyle has never met a ghost story she didn’t like. She’s been fascinated with the paranormal since childhood. She attributes this fascination to having heard old family stories of ghostly wreaths, ESP, and money hidden in the lining of antique purses. She grew up on the Oregon Coast and has a Master’s Degree in Writing Popular Fiction. Now she lives with her husband and three cats near Orlando, where she’s working on the next Poison Ivy novel and trolling the area for ghostly happenings. Friend Patrice on Facebook or visit her website. She is also on AuthorsNow! and Twitter: @Patrice_Lyle

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