Sunday, January 11, 2015

Everything Alvey: a post by R.M. Ridley. RELEASE DATE for new anthology!

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It is one step closer to reality!

fart-friday-the-31st-halloween-or-friday-the-13th-which-is-better-b3cc4e89-cb60-4438-9d98-bd799eb0c97bBecause she's very dear to me (and my beta reader) this blog did get an advanced read, even though the ARC's are not officially out yet. You probably read the nice review she gave of the anthology and then silence. Well, there is news about this collection of short stories, featuring Jonathan Alvey of the White Dragon Black series, I have a release date! As it so happens, there is a Friday the 13th in March and it seemed like too good a day for this paranormal collection not to take advantage of - so we did! Mark your calendars, available in paperback and e-format, March, Friday the 13th... sad-jason-13th

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