Friday, September 19, 2014

Everything Alvey - White Dragon Black Series

  Let me start off by telling you that I'm a beta reader for R.M Ridley. That being said, I have the inside scoop on upcoming works and I plan on leaking some info now and again and hope Ridley doesn't scold me too much. I'm not planning on traveling back to Canada to hang out with him again any time soon (9 hour drive) so hopefully all will be forgotten by the time I do get back there. Anyway, if you haven't read his first book yet, I highly recommend it. 

Here is the buy link for Tomorrow Wendell

When predictions tell Wendell Courtney he’s going to die, he turns to the one man he hopes can help. Jonathan Alvey’s no stranger to the strange. But, unlike the private investigator’s run-of-the-mill zombie cases, he can find no trace of magic around Wendell, and no hint of an adversary. Alvey certainly has magic and wits enough to solve the mystery, but is his offering to the insatiable dragon black sufficient? Or is Wendell truly destined to die?

Check out the awesome book trailer!

Ok, so here we go......  Ridley is currently working on the second book in the White Dragon Black series, starring my favorite P.I., Jonathan Alvey. The title of the book? Well, I'm not so sure he would want me to spill but I'll give you the abbreviation he uses when he sends me chapters -- B&S.

And now, a little snippet from the beginning of the book that drew me in:

      'Being a practitioner meant having addiction’s hooks
through every atom in your being and dancing the jitterbug whenever one
twitched. The very energy used to do spells, and the channeling of it through
ones body to bend that which was known as reality, changed you. It transformed
miniscule parts of your very being into something ‘other’, the very thing that
eventually would kill you.'

Since I'm gonna be in the beta dog-house for a while, I might as well go all out and give you a never-before-seen picture of R.M. Ridley. 


  1. Haha! I love it. Thanks for your important role!

    1. thanks :) more dirt will be added in the future lol