Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Books Coming Soon from Jill Cooper!

Fall is getting close.

The summer is over and we're headed into fall. Nothing says fall like blood sucking vampires!

There are 3 new entries in the Dream Slayer series coming end of September. If you haven't read the Dream Slayer series, check out the first book for FREE on Amazon.

 Pre-order available now for $1.99 the 4th book in the Dream Slayer series. Cameras, media, spot light....Natalie must find a way to survive the press while saving the town from an undead civic rights movement.

Preorder now for 99 cents this Dream Slayer Novella. Natalie and co must live with new consequences as Natalie faces the court system for her actions, and her extended family struggle to survive.

Preorder now for 99 cents this harrowing adventure novella focused on fan favorite Charles Buckle. Follow the secret agent on an epic journey to save Natalie's soul. And the consequences? He might not be able to live with. 


  1. Thanks for featuring me on your first blog post! I'm honored and excited!

  2. Look out World! A new blogging force to be reckoned with!

    1. hahaha, not even close to a 'force' but thanks!